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New album ‘All Over The Place’ out now. Listen/ Download and get tickets to The KSI Show ksi.lnk.to/AllOverThePlace


    This was a year ago bro it feels like it came out yesterday w the hell time is flying

  • Roko Vujica
    Roko Vujica

    Yall poppin now just for attention

  • Khun Seishirou
    Khun Seishirou


  • Brandon

    They both suck lol

  • Ali_Hikato

    Hey im from future

  • ArKaya - Brawl Stars
    ArKaya - Brawl Stars

    Ho my gosh he sucks so hard

    • Jeremy Gale
      Jeremy Gale


  • Ben Harry
    Ben Harry

    Underrated banger 🔥


    people paid for this? LOL

  • Ayesha Naweed
    Ayesha Naweed

    i cant imagine what jake paul is gonna think of this

  • Zain Jaser
    Zain Jaser

    Last 😏

  • Daryl Lee
    Daryl Lee

    Yo KSI I loved it it’s the best song I’ve ever heard

  • Natty Dreya
    Natty Dreya

    Why is this on my recommended 8 years after it was released

  • Siggatron

    What a performance! Pure greatness

  • vansh singh
    vansh singh

    ksi ksi is beast at logan and jake suck

  • Diego Fernández
    Diego Fernández

    Que temazo

  • O11y


  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic

    Funny, how time slips away. Good old times ;)

  • NE14ABJ

    Debate of the century: Heskey time or I'm on a horse?

  • Anthony Edward
    Anthony Edward

    Anyone listening to this in 2021 is a GOAT.

  • Shahan Ahmad
    Shahan Ahmad

    Amazing voice

  • Yakup Karasahin
    Yakup Karasahin

    6 jahre alt

  • Agradicer Traquino
    Agradicer Traquino

    🐬 0:54

  • Cam Kornacki
    Cam Kornacki

    I love the 80s synthwave feel in this song

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha

    I need a b'o'oh 'o' wa'er....... Shit I don't know how to say it 😅

  • skylar

    Everyone is so going to be a racist 😢

  • Malte Kramer Thyrring Hansen
    Malte Kramer Thyrring Hansen

    is it 100% playback?

  • Azsure n
    Azsure n

    Got rocks on my wrist

    • Ryan Grant
      Ryan Grant


  • Repedtro

    creature was shit

  • Enickel Gaming
    Enickel Gaming

    Kei vocale getting better 👌👌🥰

  • Melleern

    Must admit as someone who has been to the ksi show and im going again it was an awsome show and this definatly wasnt jsut it

  • Bernard TheOfficial Drummer
    Bernard TheOfficial Drummer

    100% KSI STILL ROCKS AT MUSIC even High Quality Rappers Knows That!

  • Noah White1237
    Noah White1237

    I love this song 🎵

  • VOxyッ

    The belgium legends

  • Xray96X

    Being a C***? WTF?

  • skylar

    I don’t even know where to start.

  • Ayesha Naweed
    Ayesha Naweed

    this song has 20k more dislikes then it should 😄

  • Amr Azzam
    Amr Azzam

    He teased the moment 0:17

  • Lewis Robinson
    Lewis Robinson

    good song

  • KingDinoArmy YT
    KingDinoArmy YT

    I am now last

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    Nice intro

  • Team Dynamite
    Team Dynamite

    When he says gooooood days omg 😂😂😭

  • Frankie Smith
    Frankie Smith

    By far my favourite song great job JJ much love bruvva ❤️



  • Dang7

    This is good vibez for high people

  • Mob House
    Mob House

    This so raw dont make no sense.

  • Mysterious Man??
    Mysterious Man??


  • Akhenaton Huerta
    Akhenaton Huerta

    Who’s here after the Impaulsive podcast.

  • Kristof Marsten
    Kristof Marsten

    Ksi and Polo g are running out of their patience for their verse

  • BrandonLA

    How did you do this and can I do it with ps4? I'm just assuming it's remote play?

  • gracie li
    gracie li

    The guy below me is right

  • gracie li
    gracie li

    You want to say that _ to me 1:41 yes

    • Scomba

      wyd in every disstrack🤣🤣

  • Epic Sean
    Epic Sean

    *PLATINUMMMMMM!!!* this is so good

  • AAIIZZIIKK 21games
    AAIIZZIIKK 21games

    Dang wish I could have watched the ksi show but I had summer camp instead

  • Alejandro Lazaro
    Alejandro Lazaro

    The like to dislike ratio says it all 🦾🔥

  • gracie li
    gracie li

    The guy below me lied

  • gracie li
    gracie li

    The guy below me only has 18 subs

  • gracie li
    gracie li

    The guy below me is me

  • Ekkam Gill
    Ekkam Gill




  • gracie li
    gracie li

    The guy below likes the comments

  • Outlet

    Ksi: i dont like flex. Also him:

  • OofManHD


  • ツRUDE


  • Cameron Thompson
    Cameron Thompson


  • Tarki

    Inspired by your work

  • Antonia Conway
    Antonia Conway

    Best song off the album 🔥🔥🔥

  • Eric Kang
    Eric Kang

    Bez's laugh is one of the most contagious things I've ever heard.

  • gesser riahi
    gesser riahi

    From king kong to this

  • Olah pappy
    Olah pappy

    Yoo this is sick i don't understand why people hate it

  • Jéster

    People who paid for the KSI Show punching the air rn xD

  • Artemisia Gentileschi
    Artemisia Gentileschi


  • Matt Genry
    Matt Genry

    damn! u have my sub from this day forth. didnt realise how good of a singer u r

  • Dan Fernandes
    Dan Fernandes

    Yo Ksi bro if you do a music video of this masterpiece you should film it at night showing the tall buildings just like in the animated verson it kinda gives a future like vibe, future like feeling you know what i mean. The song is beatiful i already love it such a masterpiece (to be honest all your songs are masterpieces man). Love your songs i like all genres and all your music. Keep up the good work man but don't overdo it bro you need to rest too man.

  • elapz

    He said he wasn’t releasing the show on ISdowns or anywhere but it looks like day by day he is releasing a whole segment of the show (music parts) so I am now basically left with a few extremely short skits :/ I enjoyed the show but if he’s releasing all the concert parts for free I do feel scammed... and £18 is a lot and for only 10, 15 mins worth of skits

  • Andrew Cribbin
    Andrew Cribbin


  • 14 STAR
    14 STAR

    2:51 Imagine at this point his girlfriend comes up to the stage and then JJ actually surprises her and Proposes her That would have broken the internet into pieces.

    • Sedace MOHAMMED
      Sedace MOHAMMED

      You should go into marketing, brilliant thinking 👍

  • Alex Christopher
    Alex Christopher

    Its 2021, and Dax, is in fact, not even close to one of the biggest.

  • KungFuBrush

    WOW the fact that he was able to hit almost every single note is incredible🔥🔥🔥

  • Sam

    Ksi: Uses shampoo Deji: Oh hell naw He flexing on bald kids