A film by Konstantin x Guy.
The sequel to ‘Killa Killa feat. Aiyana Lee (Part I)’ is here.
KSI unveils the next chapter of the action packed short film with new visuals for ‘Domain’
(Warning: Video contains expletives and scenes of violence).

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  • Jayden Hodgson
    Jayden Hodgson

    Who else thought he was gonna do a kamehameha at 2:33

  • The flying thunder god
    The flying thunder god

    Gojo satoru wants to know your location

  • Jen Cherry
    Jen Cherry

    Some forehead he got

  • Thomas ATJ
    Thomas ATJ

    2:25 when the lord makes the best joke

  • Josh.

    amazing editing, but doesn't really fit the song



  • Mortalated

    JJ without a bandana huh

  • Anthony Lujan
    Anthony Lujan

    00:36 He seen JJs hairline for the first time

  • Faris Elzubier
    Faris Elzubier

    I heard about you today and came here to experience (it was a failed experiment for me)come fast like Ramadan stolen Biggie kick in the door

  • Codullah

    How does this have less views than the latest JJ Olatunji video

  • KSI Clips
    KSI Clips

    For ksi clips click this profile !!

  • Swayam Porwal
    Swayam Porwal

    This is underrated af

  • itama puia
    itama puia

    cringe is real

  • zhifty_ eze
    zhifty_ eze

    U look the way he finally showed his forehead

  • Champion c
    Champion c

    Trash 😂

  • Hans D killer
    Hans D killer

    my 10th time watching this and oh boy it’s good

  • Vaxter

    2:56 is a funny moment

  • ramdom070

    Quite your music is rubish

  • Jack Roberts
    Jack Roberts

    Sick Video

    • Jack Roberts
      Jack Roberts

      Haha how he smacks that geezers head off with the butt of that m16 love it lol

  • papillon

    Domain expansion: Ksi Ora ora ora

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • david obi
    david obi

    i guess the boxing training helped

  • Cmhdjm

    3:06 7 year old me trying to go super sayian

  • Tyler Olson
    Tyler Olson

    Bro I love you but put your headband on 😂😂

    • Tyler Olson
      Tyler Olson

      But this is John Wick meets DBZ and its gas 🔥🔥🔥

  • Crisp Ninja
    Crisp Ninja

    Lmao I love how they stop punching him to say "not in the neck whats wrong with you" 🤣

  • Taka

    “come fast like ramadan” 👌

  • Ogone Thatayaone
    Ogone Thatayaone

    The forehead look like it's about to fall off he's head😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rodrygo 21
    Rodrygo 21

    i just dont understand why the othr guy cant get him while his fighting the other guy

  • Paul Pogba
    Paul Pogba

    I love Ksi but his music is ass

  • Adam Yt
    Adam Yt

    Password: Jake Paul Password: Too Weak

  • Cason Callaway
    Cason Callaway

    Plot twist: KSI is actually JJ

  • RageFuu

    bru i need you to collab with travis scott asap!!!

  • EpicNinjaskilz0912

    I think ksi should try being a movie actor for one movie

  • Kian Games
    Kian Games

    0:30 no bandana

  • Merlin Behljulji
    Merlin Behljulji

    Am i really the only one that thinks that dodge was sick at 2:00?

  • ikingkasan •
    ikingkasan •

    ui KSI

  • Mohannad Montaser
    Mohannad Montaser

    Come fast like ramadan ahyyyyyyyyyyyy✌✌😂😂😂😂

  • Hook Flix67
    Hook Flix67

    Pissed that this didn’t get a lot of views he clearly worked rly hard on the song and correography

  • rosie

    why do i think his are absolute bangers who else just goes to the part where he goes fugging vermin oh just me ok

  • Mhm Joey
    Mhm Joey

    not the neck logan

  • Aertz60hz

    1:55 when jj teleported he looked like an enderman

  • MÙFÅŠĀ Bøī
    MÙFÅŠĀ Bøī

    lol 3:06

  • Isobel Lyall
    Isobel Lyall

    Nice forehead

  • George Royse
    George Royse

    Plot twist: you tube demotivation

  • KSI

    Damn i wish u ksi to collab with john wick in the next domain video.

  • Shian Andrei Laudato
    Shian Andrei Laudato


  • Inferno

    This is sick, but what was that guy disappearing! Looked kinda fake. I still luv u and the vid tho 😍😍😍

  • shaqm68

    "black guy fights off the kkk"

  • MattGaming

    Shit gimme the h8

    • MattGaming

      Like does any1 even care abt this now don't play is out if u still listen 2 this ur a neek

  • #vibetime

    I imagine KSI in a action movie. That would be so LIT!

  • Robert Jordaan
    Robert Jordaan

    You shouldn't rap

  • Omar Mostafa
    Omar Mostafa

    Action Game Ksi

  • GuyThe Guy
    GuyThe Guy

    This is the domain my arse!

  • Tekeste Berhanu
    Tekeste Berhanu

    JJ wick

  • Gerald Salvatierra
    Gerald Salvatierra

    He thanos snap himself

  • Mostafa Dali
    Mostafa Dali

    Killa killa part 2


    Hi, KSI

  • Gaming Time
    Gaming Time

    When someone calls you a fatneek

  • Maxy Rojas
    Maxy Rojas

    The day I hear this at a kickback is the day I lose all faith for humanity

  • ZOOM /BS
    ZOOM /BS


  • Pratyush Vats
    Pratyush Vats

    No one Ksi at 2:33 doing rasengan , HE IS SECRETLY FROM NARUTO

  • Ahmed Sinjab
    Ahmed Sinjab

    Top 10 anime fights

  • Midas

    When he said come fast like Ramadan lol

  • Mohamid Barry Singh
    Mohamid Barry Singh

    This is his worst song fr 🤦🏻

  • Nate Harrington
    Nate Harrington

    Lmao not the back of the head that's too far

  • Maximillion Burkett
    Maximillion Burkett

    that forehead tho

  • Iq_Alex


  • Ties de Koning
    Ties de Koning

    I actually don’t like the song that much. But the clip is just so sick that I am watching it over and over again

  • Adrian Pogonowski
    Adrian Pogonowski

    With great power comes great forehead size

  • Gamit Pritesh
    Gamit Pritesh

    I'm here after seeing your laughing reaction video on Facebook.......🔥🔥🔥

  • Chadcentral


  • LT E11S
    LT E11S

    New John wick

  • Kerry Williams
    Kerry Williams

    Plot twist :he sung this on 2020 Christmas

  • Salman Ehsan
    Salman Ehsan

    harry doin cocaine

  • study channel
    study channel

    To be fair though this song is trash

  • Diether Baldan
    Diether Baldan

    logan paul

  • BBS frosty
    BBS frosty

    He is on a quest to find his hairline 🤣

  • 3cl0uds

    I don’t know what I wanna do I do not know what I mean I don’t know what I wanna do I do not know what I mean I don’t know what I wanna do I do not know what I mean I don’t know what I wanna do I do not know what I do to you think 🤔 I just need a little more money I don’t know why you do it that you do that you don’t know what you do with me I mean 😢 you don’t know why I do that because you know what I wanna do I don’t understand how I feel like I’m gonna do that I’m sorry 😢 lol lol I’m not mad 😠 I’m just kidding lol lol I’m sorry I didn’t have a problem I’m sorry 😢 and you know I know you don’t know how you are going I mean 😢 you know I don’t care what you do you think 🤔 you know that I don’t know tun I just wanna ask me tysm yu I Rrr you want me to tell me I love your face and thing I know I love ❤️ so I you think 🤔 it’s tlike you don’t know why you used it for a

  • 3cl0uds

    When I eat the chicken my booty goes poop when I dance I eat soup your mom look mean I’m so clean I ate a Jean poop man fifty ksi is so ba done sucks chicken wing bones aloo pakora slalsjkfhjdbffbdnhsuisidhosjdois

  • The Auntie Slayer
    The Auntie Slayer

    We NEED polo g on one of your tracks for the album cause I could sense that ksi's new album gonna be fire

  • xrex11

    I bet this is what u imagine during a boring class, and save ur crush after this

  • Jacy Steven
    Jacy Steven

    Nice man

  • Ronnie Forsyth
    Ronnie Forsyth

    Same place beta squad did hide and seek with the agents ?

  • Varun N
    Varun N

    Top 10 most strongest anime characters of all time

  • young Fxte
    young Fxte

    People who think this is the first time he’s released this aren’t real ksi fans

  • adam

    This was a movie or a rap ?

  • Ibiso Giwa
    Ibiso Giwa


  • Starstuff58

    He s like corona viruse xD he beats them all until....


    old ksi is back

  • alex devo
    alex devo

    What aforhed jj love ya

  • Oompaville SHUNGITE
    Oompaville SHUNGITE

    Hey! Hey! Guys, not in the neck

  • Otogenn Reacts
    Otogenn Reacts

    Konstatin 🙌

  • Liam Skipsey
    Liam Skipsey

    Why was this song kept so quiet

  • hi bye
    hi bye

    You can not tell me this man is not somehow related to the guy from pull up

  • Kdraws 246
    Kdraws 246

    This was a pretty neat Christmas gift

  • Shaheen Rafiq
    Shaheen Rafiq

    Oh shit

  • Jay Swain
    Jay Swain

    This song has the likes and comments of a 100 million viewed video , so u know the supporters are real.

  • AquaticBeaver14

    all jokes aside this song is a banger

  • Milky Magee
    Milky Magee

    Can’t take the fight scenes seriously cause of that forehead