KSI - Houdini (feat. Swarmz & Tion Wayne) [Official Music Video]
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  • Vansh Bhardwaj
    Vansh Bhardwaj

    I don't have too much knowledge of UK music but I'm vibing so hard being an Indian! Fatneek is talented man!

  • ashley rice
    ashley rice


  • Mad about trains
    Mad about trains

    I have a feeling that KSI is the owner of either the rolls Royce or the Lamborghini or maybe both!

  • Thomas Redelijkheid
    Thomas Redelijkheid

    Is it just me or could this be a good song on the background of fifa

  • itlhatswe Sabone
    itlhatswe Sabone

    best song in the album

  • KSI Clips
    KSI Clips

    For ksi clips click this profile

  • coolio c josephs
    coolio c josephs

    Dont worry none of us searched this.

  • Bandokaay Bandokaay
    Bandokaay Bandokaay

    Shouldn’t this be on GRM? Especially with Swarms and Tion

  • Amanuel Adane
    Amanuel Adane

    i think if u laugh in the middle of the song it will be stunning

  • • • Naveyah •
    • • Naveyah •

    People I can’t trust them like the weather.

  • Aisha Javed
    Aisha Javed

    Not many people know this but the song title was inspired by Ethans Dad

  • Karan Veer singh
    Karan Veer singh

    who is the girl in the video?

  • ankit pandey
    ankit pandey


  • DJ

    Im still inlove wit this song....................am jamaican hehe and his accent ain't that bad

  • Deepa Parakkal
    Deepa Parakkal


  • Chigozie Chukwuma
    Chigozie Chukwuma


  • Tshim's channel
    Tshim's channel

    24Million views, nice

  • YT_ CrXyZ
    YT_ CrXyZ

    Swarmz really wanted to see the big ting

  • Nathan's hyper
    Nathan's hyper


  • Speedy

    What do you call a magic owl Hoooooudini -vanossgaming

  • SBHumble

    This giving me 1st lockdown memories 😭😭

  • Jensen Ashmore
    Jensen Ashmore

    Jj best song you can’t name a better one

    • MirPlays Among Us
      MirPlays Among Us

      @Anzelika vickun correct man

    • Anzelika vickun
      Anzelika vickun

      1.I'm on a horse 2. Hesky time Jokes aside still the best song

  • Michelle Steer
    Michelle Steer

    ksi is lit

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    I think squeeze would be better for the title cuz he’s saying it more

  • Euiie Dan Recha
    Euiie Dan Recha

    I love how JJ still hangs out with his friends even though he's already at the top

  • Vron

    JJ with glasses looks sick

  • Sh0cK WaVe
    Sh0cK WaVe

    Most underrated song

  • dumdum dumdum
    dumdum dumdum

    ez pz just CLAAP FOR THE MAN!!!

  • Ajama786

    This song is actually amazing wtf didn’t expect that it’s not forced it’s very catchy

  • Balraj Yadav
    Balraj Yadav

    Oh man ,I can't forget 🤙🕶️

  • U_StRiKKer

    this song is a new member of my playlist:D

  • Ryan_C

    KSI's best song. No cap.

  • katakmelayang


  • Kdraws 246
    Kdraws 246

    1:17 KSI's editor be like

  • O Z
    O Z

    Damn this is so good

  • Álvaro lópez veiga
    Álvaro lópez veiga

    When KSI made good music

  • Takudzwa Saravoye
    Takudzwa Saravoye

    this songs horrible

    • Takudzwa Saravoye
      Takudzwa Saravoye

      @Captain Rogers oky its cul

    • Captain Rogers
      Captain Rogers

      Would u rather listen to everyday bro

  • Asher Unees
    Asher Unees

    mad song people listening this 2021

  • WhyAmiSoUgly?

    Wait so this is the same guy that calls himself babatunde?

  • arkle.

    by far jj's best song

  • Blackjax 15
    Blackjax 15

    2:04 - 2:15 JJ looks like if he was the left out cousin when the others just left him be in the music video out of sympathy.

  • Aurum Faber
    Aurum Faber

    Don't worry, you are not the only one that's *tired of these comments* .

  • Sym .1
    Sym .1

    Swarmzy carried this song icl

  • Minato Shigeta
    Minato Shigeta

    Me: makes out with a celebrity The night guards at the wax museum: 0:13





  • — M0rph —
    — M0rph —

    Jj swiping through holographic screen: *aggressive scowling faces*

  • Fraser142

    music got me gassed you know fucking bangers i show people this telling them here this guy is a youtuber but you will love the vibes he makes honestly man keep it up!

  • NJay

    First lockdown nostalgia JEEZ

  • Chickenplayz 2
    Chickenplayz 2

    This song is the best album jj has made but then there's don't play I think houdini and don't play are both jj's best

  • Alessandro Quintana
    Alessandro Quintana

    He does really good songs but this song on a new level


    You just know whenever he wears those glasses, he gonna be rapping in a different accent 😂😂

  • bala-In _Black
    bala-In _Black

    Bro I'm from Australia... ksi killed his verse respect brother 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾🤙🏾👍🏾🤙🏾

  • J wal
    J wal

    This is miles ahead of everyday bro, congrats on the fire song

  • Chloe15 E
    Chloe15 E

    i love your songs so much

  • Ryan Johnstone
    Ryan Johnstone

    this about to hit different summer 2021

  • Charlie Fawcett
    Charlie Fawcett

    what a banger fav song keep it up:)

  • Marilyn Flores
    Marilyn Flores

    This Mad hes on fire 🔥

  • Strike Censored
    Strike Censored


  • Username

    His best song imo

  • Mr. Man
    Mr. Man

    Can somebody please tell me which language this is?

  • studi0z

    Bitcoin check !!!!! Dash Digital Cash check check !!!!! KSI on fire 🔥😍👌

  • second account
    second account

    Absolute banger

  • Wolfcreigh

    Bruh..that car is a paid actor

  • henry embleton
    henry embleton

    This man a legend

  • hazza c
    hazza c

    Bro keeps evolving each song man's already on ssj

  • kros

    he dint say mmm mmm

  • Dostonbek Rustamov
    Dostonbek Rustamov

    Who came to watch 3d software tutorials ?

    • Dostonbek Rustamov
      Dostonbek Rustamov

      @builderman b yep

    • builderman b
      builderman b

      The vfx software?

    • builderman b
      builderman b

      What do you mean

  • Quette Griffith Barola
    Quette Griffith Barola

    Keep it up jj love ya

  • JoelJoestar

    Probably unpopular opinion: This is the best song in Dissimulation

    • abcde fghij
      abcde fghij

      Facts imo

  • Amine MoudjaHed
    Amine MoudjaHed

    This song sound 10k better at double speed xDDD

  • Callmesmackx

    Is this how music in his country suppose to sound? or is this shit just plain garbage?

    • Anzelika vickun
      Anzelika vickun

      Yeah from a fortnite account i dont expect fortnite kids to like anything Except "Fortnite"

  • Mohammed Ebrahim
    Mohammed Ebrahim


  • John Jump
    John Jump

    KSI in music videos:😎😎🤩🤩 KSI in any other form of youtube video:🥴🥴

  • Tsuna

    No way this was April last year 😯

  • Giovanni C
    Giovanni C

    Keep it up KSI ur doing well

  • Aryan Kapoor
    Aryan Kapoor

    The return of the lambo

  • Cheyenne Farley
    Cheyenne Farley

    i know every word to this song

  • Mo Ally
    Mo Ally

    this is still sik in feb 2021

  • Lemon blah
    Lemon blah

    Wow😱 I don't even know k.s.i is singer. I love this song 🔥

  • Ahmed Gism
    Ahmed Gism

    I can listen to the song only without ur verse in it

  • Angel Yomar Albelo Diaz
    Angel Yomar Albelo Diaz

    "Nobody tik tok when they introduce the song to the app tik tok STONK$"

  • NM10

    Here, Babatunde found a lot of water but now he lost it

  • Sean Beiles
    Sean Beiles

    this the best

  • SYNC

    jj is ksi wannabe

  • ZEEdits Lol
    ZEEdits Lol

    Don’t worry your not the only one watching this in March.

  • Random


  • Ashツ

    KSI's patios is on point

  • Lavador Mendonca
    Lavador Mendonca

    Cool who here 2021

  • CqD Trixyy_ Clips
    CqD Trixyy_ Clips

    I am currently last but I’m sure someone will change that

  • Thanuja Liyanage
    Thanuja Liyanage

    I like this vibe ksi ❤️

  • i3aadx _
    i3aadx _

    Banger 🔥

  • Ahmed Qalinle
    Ahmed Qalinle

    Damm ice

  • phavba

    Jj with glasses = folabi Change my mind

  • Jakab Istvan
    Jakab Istvan

    Dont like KSI but this music is FIRE innit. Aight bruv.

  • Sniper Monkey
    Sniper Monkey

    Fact :Best song jj ever made

  • Aishik Bhattacharya
    Aishik Bhattacharya

    This is SO GOOD!!!!!!!!

  • Khalao Maposua
    Khalao Maposua

    when babatunde has all the water

  • InvasFN

    KSI the next Iron man in avengers

  • third pineda
    third pineda