KSI - Holiday [Official Music Video]

  • Sensei Ambrose
    Sensei Ambrose

    JJ is the best he always make us happy.

  • Sensei Ambrose
    Sensei Ambrose

    I am so happy i was here to see this amazing scence. I am so happy i was born in this generation.

  • Aditya Navale
    Aditya Navale

    Finally a soft song then a hardcore diss track.

  • Punny Funny
    Punny Funny

    2:31 Bro really thought he could put it in his pocket when he doesnt even have one 💀

  • ihaia maxwell
    ihaia maxwell

    i have a 3yr old boy and twin boys age 2. We dance so hard to this song cheers for the awesome vibes with my kids😁😁

  • chicken dude
    chicken dude


  • Aaron Munguia
    Aaron Munguia

    This sounds like sweatshirt by JS😂😂

  • MoronMan

    Should be in GTA VI

  • Paul Holland
    Paul Holland

    I showed my mum most of KSI's songs with rap she hated all of them until I showed her this song now she's buying me AOTP

  • Jason


  • Mariam

    umm i- speechless?

  • Hope julie Gilbert mulholland
    Hope julie Gilbert mulholland

    Sending this shit overseas too good bro xx

  • Charlie #
    Charlie #

    Petition for this to be in fifa 22

  • Gamer 101
    Gamer 101

    im fat and uglyu

  • Ayesha Naweed
    Ayesha Naweed

    i cant imagine what jake paul is gonna think of this

  • Daryl Lee
    Daryl Lee

    Yo KSI I loved it it’s the best song I’ve ever heard

  • Ayesha Naweed
    Ayesha Naweed

    this song has 20k more dislikes then it should 😄

  • Lewis Robinson
    Lewis Robinson

    good song

  • Frankie Smith
    Frankie Smith

    By far my favourite song great job JJ much love bruvva ❤️

  • Epic Sean
    Epic Sean

    *PLATINUMMMMMM!!!* this is so good

  • Matt Genry
    Matt Genry

    damn! u have my sub from this day forth. didnt realise how good of a singer u r

  • Andrew Cribbin
    Andrew Cribbin


  • WeebWithNoName /後輩
    WeebWithNoName /後輩

    This hurts me personally cause im single

  • Aqua Aqua
    Aqua Aqua

    Hey,Thanks for making me and girlfriend's our new favourite summer song and all of those haters your prove them wrong, and as always you are killing the game

  • EvilHalo4

    Was it KSI or JJ who created this?

  • Georgina Burns
    Georgina Burns

    It’s the best song ever 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

  • Hot Pickle
    Hot Pickle

    I unironically love it

  • Salih Jaffar
    Salih Jaffar

    If you ever feel dumb, remember Ricegum hated on the song 2 seconds in

  • Will Johnson
    Will Johnson

    Rate my man jj for everything he does and he vibes w a smooth style music

  • Privat _Cursor
    Privat _Cursor

    Bis laugh at the end was killing hahahah

  • Stephanie Webb
    Stephanie Webb

    My boi KSI coming in clutch with this hit! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ryan Gallagher
    Ryan Gallagher

    I met my girlfriend online and this hits home man, love it mate

  • josh d
    josh d

    We’ve came a long way from Lamborghini

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    I feel like a proud mother

  • Mr Lane
    Mr Lane

    POV:you came her from tick tock

  • Aimen Ahmad
    Aimen Ahmad

    makes me cry smtimes, dunno why. i like it alot.

  • Viperr Official
    Viperr Official

    I just luv this song 😍😍

  • Bertram Strand
    Bertram Strand


  • Celso Moreno
    Celso Moreno

    What are those mini clips tho

  • Derrius Christmas
    Derrius Christmas

    This is his best song

  • Hideo Kojima
    Hideo Kojima

    What type of clothes does JJ wear in this music video?

  • Grant Dickie
    Grant Dickie

    Ricegum be like: bro making love songs now, na man dislike. KSI's reply: let's see how many monthly listeners you got.

  • Tonny kim
    Tonny kim

    Let's go

  • Santo Alex BINU
    Santo Alex BINU


  • Alex johnson
    Alex johnson

    Why’d you have to put the gay people in 🤮

    • Xxbertjr Xx
      Xxbertjr Xx

      You got offended because there gay people in it

  • Chris Fenner
    Chris Fenner

    Stole Flo Rida flow

  • Chris Fenner
    Chris Fenner

    Shit is ass 😂😂😂

    • Xxbertjr Xx
      Xxbertjr Xx

      Then you make a song then

  • Zyben


  • Pallavi Nawghare
    Pallavi Nawghare

    Most sensitive song by jj

  • Pallavi Nawghare
    Pallavi Nawghare


  • Alexandar Alexov
    Alexandar Alexov

    I love JJ, but how do people like this shit. It irritates my ears

  • enoughabouteve

    I don't like KSI (personally find his voice grating) BUT I appreciate the inclusiveness of the music video. Haven't heard his other songs but I also like the simple fact that this is a song about love and happiness and not bitches and jewelry...but he might have loads like that innit 😂

  • Owen

    This song sounds like a cheap ripoff of Tom Walkers Just you & I.

  • lily the cat
    lily the cat

    Everyone that dislikes his song is a Mad hater

  • shivster360

    when JJ's winning, we all winning :)

  • SilentStuff


  • rivenmain 76
    rivenmain 76

    First time listening to this song big ups to our fat neek I kinda dig it

  • Eilis Boyle
    Eilis Boyle

    What a banger

  • Memeristic YT
    Memeristic YT

    0:36 those looks like stokes twin light version 🤣😂

  • Tracy Khameeree
    Tracy Khameeree

    Brill song and best singer

  • Alien Kiwi
    Alien Kiwi

    Genuinely one of my favourite songs

  • Trevor Martinz
    Trevor Martinz

    After embarrassing logan and ksi is here making some good music👌, respect

  • sisa army
    sisa army

    Love you ksi

  • Yup Bro
    Yup Bro

    Ngl the sus remix is better

  • mr magoo
    mr magoo

    His voice is shit.

    • Xxbertjr Xx
      Xxbertjr Xx

      Yours is too probably

  • J P
    J P

    This is way better than your rap music bro

  • Ferπ•

    Even When KSI Talking It Still Better Than Ricegum Entire Singing Career

  • Marc Cooksey
    Marc Cooksey


  • Botlee _
    Botlee _

    Bro this tune is something else man makes ya feel like you live in your happiest memories

    • Aimen Ahmad
      Aimen Ahmad

      ikr! i heard this while i went on a long drive, made me mad emotional fsr/

  • Star Kalachips
    Star Kalachips

    damn! this song is good. very good! BEST! ❤️

  • Ben Rawley aviation
    Ben Rawley aviation

    Recently discovered this song and I absolutely love it so much

  • md.musharraf

    Rice gum is one of those 20k people with lack of taste lmaooo

  • Rohan

    My girlfriend left me when this came out

  • Dylan Fisher
    Dylan Fisher

    I'm going to play this song at my wedding whenever it happens. JJ has become an incredible artist and influencer for everyone. The growth is a blessing to see.


    Honestly bro if you started off your career like this and then did everything after this you be so much bigger. As a musician/Artist it’s hard to approve of Someone that does music after they have all this clout is like a back hand to the head because we’re trying so fucking hard and getting no where when all an influencer has to put it a half decent song and they get all the views and made it on the music scene. I know we have to get there no matter what and there’s no bitching but that shit does chap my ass smh. First time listening to you and This song is great tho....not what I was expecting at all. I thought you were going to be trash but good for you I’m glad you’re actually good. You deserve it!

  • Adam Boccius
    Adam Boccius

    I will not lie I'm not a big fan of your music but this one a hit but I am a fan of your videos keep up the good work

  • Oliver Leeming
    Oliver Leeming

    Sheeesh that’s all I can say

  • Why you Decline?
    Why you Decline?

    Bruh I was finna type "this shit ass" til I got 30 sec in

  • Ayesha Naweed
    Ayesha Naweed

    This is beautiful!

  • agihoot

    Man this shit sucks ass bro😭

    • Aimen Ahmad
      Aimen Ahmad

      @bob he must be 8 or smthin

    • bob

      U legit talk the same as ricegum

    • Roger dhal
      Roger dhal

      no it doesent

  • arknarton j
    arknarton j

    Awful song Auto tuned to hell, if you cant be arsed to put the hard work in and learn to sing don't be a singer. Embarrassment to the music industry and those who actually put in the effort.

    • Mr WaveLord
      Mr WaveLord

      cope lmao

  • Not Billie Eilish
    Not Billie Eilish

    i think of my gf when i listen to this and i dont have a gf

    • Aimen Ahmad
      Aimen Ahmad


  • Peyta Katayev
    Peyta Katayev

    this some heat my g

  • Tim Whitley
    Tim Whitley

    It’s like dude deleted all negative comments. Decent song tho. Honestly sounds gospelish

  • That's SUS
    That's SUS


  • Angel GHerna
    Angel GHerna

    It's already been a month dam time goes by fast

  • Prenium JUSTICE
    Prenium JUSTICE

    Idk why but the first time I heard this song I just wanted to start crying 😢 but it’s an amazing song great job JJ 👍

    • Aimen Ahmad
      Aimen Ahmad

      same bruv

  • Fokus 72
    Fokus 72

    2M likes so we can diss ricegums taste?

  • Reza Taky
    Reza Taky


  • DGKalldayLong1

    This isn't what I expected at all. I like it.

  • cmck07

    If you feel like a hypocrite, remember ricegum said that jjs fans make him feel perfect yet he can’t keep a fan base 😁

  • Ryboy1122

    This could be a classic

  • Ryboy1122

    FIFA 22 Song FIFA SONG TYPE BEAT FIFA 22 soundtrack

  • cmck07

    this song is like the uk rn, on 🔥

  • cmck07

    Here’s a fact that will make your day: Ricegum says this song is shit but he can’t even release a good song apart of dissing some random dude cause he called him a cheese baguette

  • Panda Bear
    Panda Bear

    Does anybody else still listen to this?

  • David Hutchings
    David Hutchings

    This guy proves what you can do if you put your mind to it ! Yes never expected a song like this from him but for me best song of the ENGLISH summer and I know you work hard so please please focus all your energy on jake Paul and shut him please ! I don’t think you realise how much you inspire people so thank you